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Shipping Services

Airfreight Shipments

For shipments when seafreight is too slow then you need our comprehensive range of airfreight services

Part Shipments
Not enough for a full container?

When you only have a few boxes or pallets to ship then use our "Less than Container Load" to get them shipped around the world

Get your goods to your clients

If you are distributing to your clients but do not want to do it directly yourself our fulfillment services handle from individual items to full pallets

Customs Brokerage
Worldwide Customs Brokerage

Wherever you are exporting to, we can offer customs brokerage services for both imports and imports.

Project Cargo & Breakbulk
When it just is not normal

If it is oversized in height, length,width or weight we love it. We can arrange flat racks,part charters and full charters for most regions of the world.

Personal Effects
Personal Effects

Moving from one country to another we offer personal effects shipping from India, USA, Canada and EU Countries

Complete Logistics Services In India

We have our own offices in Delhi allowing us direct control over all our import and exports. We can offer additional services to clients including quality checks and third party warehousing solutions for distribution within India. Plus clients have the great benefit of being able to speak directly to our people without having to wait for a local office to open.


For more information on our Indian Offices

Comprehensive range of services we offer available here

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Scotland &  Northern England to West Africa Breakbulk Service

Our new start up export service will call at main ports in Scotland including Inverness & Aberdeen and in Northern England including Hartlepool and Immingham for shipments destined for the main West African ports. Initially this service will be provided every 6 to 8 weeks. This service will be able to take most non containerised shipments from pipes, machinery, steel structures to wire lifting strops.


For further details of our new West African breakbulk export service.

Sailing Schedules and Port Rotations Information is available here

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Scotland &  Northern England to Southern U.S.A.  breakbulk Service

We are offering a new route from the ports of Inverness & Aberdeen in Scotland and ports of Hartlepool & Immingham in Northern England for none containerised shipments destined for Houston, Texas. The service has the option to call at the ports of New Orleans in Louisiana and Mobile in Alabama.


For further information and schedules of our export service to the southern U.S.  states

Sailing Schedules and Port Rotations

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