Brexit Information Page

We have some general guidance pages to our site now that we have left the EU on the 1st January 2021.

There is now a trade agreement in place between the UK and the EU which has allowed many goods of EU origin to continue to move duty free between the them. However it is important to note the following:

  1. A full customs declaration for imports or a simplified procedure MUST now be used for all goods arriving from the EU
  2. The majority of goods will attract VAT at 20%. This will ultimately be determined by the HS Commodity code
  3. The place of origin for the imported goods is now very important. EU imports of goods which are not classed as EU origin but another country such as China may well attract duty.
  4. Licences and other documentation may be required before the goods can enter the UK. Failure to provide them will mean goods not being allowed into the country.
  5. Export goods to the EU will require a full export declaration done before leaving.
  6. Exports from the UK to another EU country which transits another EU country before it is cleared will require a T1 form or a carnat issued.

BREXIT information on how various industry sectors will be effected

BREXIT guidance on customs information importers and exports will be required to know about

BREXIT and government plans on creating Freeports in the United Kingdom