Changes for Applying for an EORI number

The UK Customs has changed the way to apply for EORI numbers in the UK. They are no longer accepting any more emailed C220 application forms and it all applications now have to be submitted through an online form @ This applies to both non-VAT and VAT registered applicants.
If you are already vat registered in the UK you can check if your VAT number is set up as an EORI by adding ‘000’ to the end of it and then entering it in the EORI checker at this address by clicking here: EU EORI Validation Checker (takes you off this site to the EU site). If it confirms valid then you do not need to do anything further.
If it says invald then you need to apply to have your VAT number registered as an EORI by filling in the form at this addess on the HM Customs site: EORI VAT Registered in the UK
If you are not VAT registered within the UK, depending on whether you are importing or exporting, you need to apply for an EORI number on the HM Customs site. For Imports you need to got to this form here: EORI Non VAT Registered – Import and for exports you need to go here: EORI Non VAT Registered – Export

Aswe cannot no longer submit EORI applications on you behalf. If you have any queries regarding the application process you need to use the HM Customs help for here: EORI Contact Form.



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India Growth to Beat China by 2016

The newspaper headlines and finance sites have been full of stories about India’s economy going to beat China’s growth by 2016 or 2017 according to which export who you prefer to belive. In this case it is two world heavy weights the IMF otherwise know as the international monetary fund and the World Bank. So it would seem that after year’s of living in China’s shadow the India economy is finally going to start to leave up to the potential it has been showing for the past decade.

However unfortunately it is more due to China’s downturn in economic growth which is going to make it happen then what is going on in India. According to the predictions given by these two heavy weight bodies.

Instead, it is China’s slowing growth that’s making India look better. While India’s growth is only going remain around 6.3% over the next 2 years it is the fact the China’s economy is going to slow down so much that it gives India the ability at long last to over take is neighbour.

Finally a lot of India’s future growth is going to depend on Modi’s success in getting his business reforms passed through. If he succeeds in getting at this done, then India may finally may be able stand clear of its neighbour as a true economic power. It certainly has the potential to do so.
Though as a final footnote there is may European countries who would be having parties if the IMF or World bank predicted growth greater than 6% and after all growth is still growth.

If you are looking to expand into India and need help and guidance in doing this, then our wealth of experience and contacts are here to help you at Andrew James Forwarding. Contact us with you requirements and we will see how we can help you.

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Felixstowe Haulage Issues Reduced

Start of a year and the issues of limited haulage available from Felixstowe has begun to decline. It is now much easier to get haulage availability within a few days of being required, rather than the 2 weeks it was taken at the peak of the issue. Whether this availability is just for the short term and shortages will increase again as soon as demand picks up again we will see in the next few months.

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Importance of properly packing containers

It is always important to ensure who ever is packing your goods into shipping containers knows how to correctly stow them. We see many containers where the goods packaging has been damaged and in some cases the actual goods as well. Damage to the cartons is particularly important if they are going straight out to the end buyer. Nobody likes receiving boxes which are squashed, torn  or generally misshapen.


Often the issues we see could have been avoided with a little care. As seen in the photo below. The box on top of the other box probably was fine when initially packed in, but due to not being stacked directly on top of the other one and combined with being some space inside the box. As the container has move it resulted in the box settling and distorting. All because a little care was not taken when initially loaded.

Squashed Boxes

Poor stacking which causes boxes collapsed



Crush damage due too much weight being placed ontop of another box is further typically seen issue. Again what often happens is that boxs which can be stacked say 5 high in stable warehouse, when loaded into a container which then spends 4 weeks rocking back and forth while in transit, causes the bottom boxes to become squashed and in worst cases torn open. It is important to ensure that the cartons goods are shipped in are strong enough to be stacked the same in container as in a warehouse

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Transport Issues at Felixstowe Docks, UK

A combination of Felixstowe Docks changes and high demand is resulting in a large haulage shortage for full container loads out of Felixstowe Docks. We are ideally requiring 9-10days notice to ensure that we can delivery the containers to clients needs. However for the remainder of September and currently October there will continue to be issues.

Arrival times to delivery of LCL cargo can now be up to 5-7days due to heavy congestion in the ERTS warehouses around Felixstowe. While all hauliers and warehouse operators are doing their best to handle destuffing of containers as quick as possible. The sheer volume is having an impact. This is currently expected to continue through September and October based on current levels.

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Importing MotorCycles & Scooters from India

One of the most common requests we receive is importing motorcycles such as Goldstars, and triumphs both restored and those to be restored and the ever  popular lambretta scooter. We have added a dedicated page to our site covering the main points of import a motorbike from India.


The easiest way to import is to use a dealer/supplier who has exported before. If you buy you motorcycle / scooter  on the terms FOB this had the advantage of the the shipper worrying about all the local India charges. They will arrange to crate the motorbike for shipment, ensure all the relevent export documentation is filed, and get it to the container loading terminal.  If you buy ex-works you will require us to arrange all this on your behalf and as it can be time-consuming the charge can be as much as what you would pay buying FOB.


If in doubt we are always happy to check for free if your supplier is correctly registered or if you are going to have to use an agent for the export documentation.


If you do not want to deal direct with the Indian supplier then you can deal with our product manager from BusinessLink India who will ensure your contract for the shipment is valid and it will get fulfilled.


Golden rule – No full payment up front. Cash Against Documents is the accepted way for any reputable dealer/supplier. Here you only pay for the goods once the shipping documents have been issued. Once this is done then you pay the money and release and they release the documents including if valid. If your supplier wants payment upfront then walk away. Once they have shown proof that they have the product available and they want a deposit, pay no more than 25%.


Duties and Taxes

If you are importing into the EU (which includes the UK) you will pay duty and VAT at your countries set level. If you


Importing into the USA is slightly different to Europe. A lot of motorbikes and scooters will not meet current Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rules. Unlike in for example in the UK where this means you simply could not use it on public highways. In the USA you have to bring the bike up to current standards before clearance. If you cannot do this then the bike has to be re-exported or destroyed. Make sure you can do this before you buy a machine.


Additionally in the USA while there is no VAT tax you will have to pay duty on the invoice value of the bike and this can be up to 2.4%. Note if you cannot prove the purchase value or customs officials think it is undeclared they will use the “Blue Book” value to assess the duty due.


If you have any doubts contact your local customs office or email us with what you are planning to buy, where from you want to export the motorbike and where in the world you are going to import the motorbike.


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British Freight Forwarders Association

We have formal joined up to British Freight Forwarders Association (BIFA) this month. This is the leading UK british group for all freight forwarders. Giving all freight forwarders a voice in various goverment and business interests. Additionally it gives increased confidence to all out existing and new customers that we follow standard set of conditions.

As of 28th of July for all new shipments and any other trade under taken after this date will be now under the standard BIFA 2005A published trading terms and conditions.

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– A win for Modia and a win for India business?

So with Narendra Modi and the BJP part winning a landslide in the election last week. Whilst in the eyes of the western world he carries baggage from the incidents in 2002, his considerable efforts to reform and  boost the economy in Gujarat which has had success over the past 10 years should not be overlooked. This has made him a very popular person in the region and the slick media campaign ran throught the election built on this and cemented his win. Hopefully after his swearing in ceremony on Monday 26th May, he can get to work on the rest of India. If he can replicate the reforms Gujarat has seen in other states, then it will help transform India into a power house for the 21st century.

As India wealth increases a growing and richer middle class will translate for an increase in consumer goods, which in turns will place increasing demands on the distribution networks within individual states and across India as a whole. It will become no longer acceptable to have lorries loaded and then waiting while they eventually make it to their unloading point. Customs will need to increase their efficiency so goods which are being imported and exported are not held for days awaiting clearance approval. It will be interesting to see how this changes over the next five years.

So will this be the boost that the Indian economy needs? Can he get corruption and bribery under control and get the India economy to its rightful place challenging China and other growing Asian economies. The next five years will tell.

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India Post aiming for the ecommerce market

India Post like most state owned services around the world has found it difficult over the past few years coping with the massive change in the way people communicate, with email and instant messaging replacing most letters and business correspondence. As more India cities in the second tier and third tier continue to grow their retail ecommece, India Post sees this growth as an opportunity to provide  e-commerce players the last mile connectivity to their customers.

India Post wants to restructure and develop its parcel network, operations and delivery to meet the demands of todays’s ecommerce stores for their need to ship and delivery their parcels. With 1,39,086 post offices in its network, the post office feels it should be in the best position to offer the last mile delivery link for parcels to ecommerce buyers.  With India’s e-commerce market increased from about $2.5 billion in 2009 to $16 billion in 2013 and is expected to touch $56 billion by 2023 according to Assocham India Post needs to adapt.

Supporting this drive to handle e-commerce comments  made by the Postmaster General Merwin Alexandera said  a new postage handling facility developments on a nine-acre site along GST Road in Chennia to complement along with similar developments in Mumbai and Hyderabad, as part of the 12th Five Year Plan.  These will compliment centres already in operation serving New Delhi and Kolkata.

If you are looking at fulfilment and warehousing order picking services  then contact us. We work with all couriers including India Post to offer a comprehensive range of services for ecommerce retailers whether you are based in India or outside the country.

Source: India Postal Site

Source: India Postal Site Book of Information

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India Manufacturing

Manufacturing holds the key to the development of India and that accounts to around 15.4% of real GDP in FY12 and that growth led to the employment of around 12% of India’s labor force. Indian manufactures have also seen lot of competition from other countries that have been doing well in manufacturing and surprisingly Indian manufacturers have made sure that they deliver results that have boosted the manufacturing exports that now stands at US$168.1 billion. Engineering goods account for the highest share which is around 40% of the total manufacturing exports. Apart from that gems and jewelry that account nearly 24.3%, chemicals and related products that stand third at 17.2% and textiles that account for nearly 13.9% of the total manufacturing exports in India.


With the progress happening in the Indian manufacturing segment, there are many foreign investments that are being made that actually help to boost the manufacturing companies today. While the manufacturing segment declined few months ago, but it has picked up well and Indian manufacturers are optimistic about the substantial growth that will happen in the near future. India is aiming towards the US$325 billion mark in terms of manufacturing exports as new businesses and firms enter the manufacturing sector that has seen lot of development.




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