In most cases seafreight shipments are the most of cost effective way of shipping. We offer three services depending on the clients requirement.

Less than container load (LCL) Seafreight

If you have a part shipment of goods on pallets or loose and you do not want the expensive of having your own container then you need to use an LCL service to move your goods. Slightly slower than using a full container, due to your goods having to go to a co-loaders warehouse where the goods are combined with other shippers products and loaded into one container.

If you are based in Europe/USA/Canada we always recommend you buy FOB and arrange the seafreight with a local agent.  We do not recommend buying C&F where the shipper in China or India pays the freight. Shipping C&F on Less than container Load services will mean incurring large  China Service Fees (CSF) or India Service Fees (ISF) and Exchange Rate Surcharges (ERS)  which soon makes the overall shipment cost much higher than FOB

Full container load (FCL) Seafreight

Our most common shipments are 20ft, 40ft and 40ft High cubes. The most cost effective way of shipping goods around the world. As a general rule if it can be loaded in a container it can be shipped in a container.

Oversize and non containerised cargo (Breakbulk)

If you have cargo which is oversized, heavy or difficult to load then we can arrange to supply a range of container equipment to suit the shipment. The range we offer includes:

  • Open Tops
  • Flat Racks
  • Open Sider

We can arrange these containers to supplied in locations around the world. For a full description of the different types of container please see our container spec page for dimensions and weights of each type.

Please note we do not quote seafreight for bulk liquid shipments of any type only those which ship in standard ISO tanks