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Logistic Services for China

China is still one of the biggest exporters of the world and increasingly becoming a larger and large importer. AJF offer a range of import services for China. Our  established agent has many years of experience in handling shipping requirements of western companies. They are able arrange documentation and quality inspections of goods before they depart the factory.

Today’s Chinese consumers demand many western products particular food products. There are supply chains where products made in the West are shipped to the China for assembly before being imported back. AJF  can offer export services from the UK/Europe and US into China including managing documents, clearances and final delivery to the Chinese factory or distribution centre.

Our export services cover all the main supply chain transportation methods.

  • Ocean freight
  • Airfreight
  • Railfreight Multimodal
Ocean freight

The most common way of shipping from China we offer both Full Container Load Services (FCL) and part container load services(LCL) from most major China ports back to the UK and EU. Our established agent is experienced in handling these shipments and can liaise with the producing factory to ensure get expected shipping dates, check if the correct documentation has been done and is packed correctly.

With our FCL services we can offer the following equipment / services:

  • 20ft Container
  • 40ft Container
  • 40ft High Cube Container
  • 20ft & 40ft Flat Rack
  • Part Charters

If you have any non standard size cargo please contact us so we can calculate which equipment would be best suited to move the goods with.


For higher value goods or those which are very urgently required we can offer airfreight services from most Chinese main cities back to the UK including:

  • London Heathrow
  • Manchester
  • Doncaster
  • Birmingham

We can offer import services from shipping individual crates and boxes up to full air charters for project cargo. Export services from the UK and EU are available from us as well.

Railfreight Multimodal

We can offer imports from western Chinese regions back into Europe using the railway network. The service is faster than shipping from these regions to a port and the using sea freight to Europe. For high value goods, just in time service production or urgent this rail service can off a cost effective solution.

We are looking to promote exports from the UK back to these eastern Chinese regions using the rail network. If you have products already exporting to China or are planning to start then please contact us to see if we are able to offer you a competitive service by rail.

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