Guide to Packaging & Quality

One of the biggest issues we are asked for by first time importers / buyers is on the is how to securely package the goods for shipping. If you are buying FOB then it is up the shipper to ensure the goods are packed suitable for transport. However it is always good to check how they are doing it. It is no good opening the container to find after 4 weeks at sea all you have are broken crates and unsellable goods.

Language is an important consideration when dealing with this area. While often English is the default business language frequently it is not a person native language. Often when western countries are dealing with far eastern countries and India, confusion can arise over the interpretation of conversation. Photo’s, diagrams all help to ensure the finished packaging is correct. Even little things such as location of the packaging barcode should be considered. It is no good if it is put in a location which is later going to have saying a hanging hole punch through it or and additional price/information label on top of it. This may then render the barcode unscannable and useless. You then end up of having the cost of relabelling all stock.

Packaging Check List