Order Fulfilment Service

By using an order fulfilment service you can reduce both your organisations infrastructure costs and your logistics costs. Our services allow you to be more efficient in you can reduce your inventory and the warehousing space in off seasons and increase it as demand requires.

We have worked with many startup companies who need logistic services but where unsure on how much space they needed. By using our order fulfilment services these organisations where able to start with small quantities and ship in more products as they expanded without having to deal with issues of warehouse space, recruiting and managing employees to managing a growing order stream. Our services allow you to work on the important parts of your business such as the marketing and taking the actual orders.

Our order fulfilment service processes:

  1. Ship your goods to our warehouse
  2. Unpack, check and store the inventory
  3. Order is sent to us
  4. Order is picked
  5. Order is packed
  6. Order is dispatched
  7. Confirmation of dispatch and where applicable tracking id’s confirmed

Orders can be from 1 item or multiple ones. If you operate a bricks and mortar store or have regular popup events you can store your inventory with us and we can dispatch bulk orders as required. If you have surplus stock then it can be returned to us and will join you existing inventory. We can arrange bespoke picking services if you have a non standard product.

Unlike Amazon FBA we do not co-mingle any of our company’s clients inventory. You will always know you buyer will be getting your products and not some other low quality product. We only operate from one location but we can still offer next day service to most of the UK and the EU within 2-4days.

Our Fulfilment Services

  • Destuffing Containers
  • Quality check of goods received
  • Picking and Packing Orders to Clients Requirements
  • Kit Building
  • Stock Control
  • Advertisement Leaflet Insertion
  • Returns Service

Examples of products we can handle

  • Automotive Parts
  • Clothing
  • Furniture
  • Packaged ambient food. Crisps, Tea, Drinks

Our fulfilment services cover several regions of the world


We offer comprehensive fulfilment services based out of Immingham serving most of the UK and Europe. We have further warehousing available in Germany which can be

Philadelphia, New Jersey & Texas, USA

Currently we can offer our fulfilment services from the Houston,Texas and in north Philadelphia


We can now offer distribution using facilities in Dubai, UAE. With Dubai becoming international transit hub both for air and sea logistics. It can be an ideal location to store goods which can then be sent out to most regions of the world and arrive within 1-2 days.