Customs Brokerage

The UK is currently schedule to leave the EU on the 31st December 2020. Check out our BREXIT pages to see how this may effect you

All imports and exports from a country require a custom declaration to be made. It is essential this is done correctly otherwise the shipment may be held by customs until any issues are resolved. The goods should be correctly declared on the packing list and the invoice.

We can provide help for UK customs clearances in the following areas:

  • Licensing Information
  • GSP / REX Preference Declarations
  • Port Health Requirements
  • Duty and VAT Rates
  • EORI Assistance
  • IPR (Returns and goods for Re-export)

For shippers who have arranged their own freight directly with the shipping lines and need an agent to arrange the UK export clearance then we can offer a service which is available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. This can be either full load / part loads (LCL) and break-bulk shipments.

If you are a shipper or a consignee and you require an customs broker to arrange the export or the import of your goods. AJF can offer our customs clearance services for all of the Uk and through our agency network we can offer customs handling in several other countries around the world from Canada to Australia.Below is a list of countries we regularly do customs clearance in and can offer you a fast and efficient service. If you need final on-carriage/delivery of your shipment we can offer this service as well in most countries.

European Countries

  • Ireland – Dublin, Belfast, Drogheda, Cork
  • Belgium – Antwerp
  • Holland – Rotterdam
  • Germany – Hamburg
  • Scandinavia – Main shipping ports

Middle East Countries

We cover most of the main ports in the middle east including Dubai.

Asia Countries

  • India – Main shipping ports
  • China – Main shipping ports
  • Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh City, Da nang

North American Countries

  • USA – Main shipping ports
  • Canada – Main shipping ports

Documentation for Customs Entry

For most clearances in the UK you will need to provide us with the following minimum documentation.

  • Bill Of Lading or official transit document (Imports)
  • Vessel Name, Departure Port(Exports)
  • Container or Trailer Number
  • Shipping Invoice. This must clearly state on it that it is a commercial invoice.
  • Packing List
  • Commodity Code Information. If you are unsure please check with us well before the shipment arrives to ensure we have a valid tariff code
  • Custom Procedure Code (CPC). If you are unsure please check with us to ensure this is valid before the shipment arrives
  • EORI Number (All existing UK VAT registered have now been issued with an EORI number)
  • If applicable your Deferment Approval Number

Depending on the country scanned copies of documents will be ok for a clearance otherwise you will need the original documents. Always ensure all goods in the shipment are declared on the packing list. This includes any samples or personal effects which may have been loaded to take advantage of spare space in the shipment. This is acceptable if it is declared.

All other ports and airports we do not list we only handle for project and break-bulk shipments only