Below are Andrew James Forwarding Ltd limits of Liability under BIFA Conditions.
These are not a subsitute for taking out your own marine insurance.
Please see our insurance page if you need more information.

By sea – Hague Visby rules:
£2.14 per kg (SDR 2.00 per kg)
£714.46 per package (SDR 666.67 per package)

By road – CMR:
£8.93 per kg (SDR 8.33 per kg)

By air – Montreal Convention:
£20.36 per kg (SDR 19.00 per kg)

By air – Warsaw Convention:
£18.22 per kg (SDR 17.00 per kg)

£2.14 per kg (SDR 2.00 per kg)

B ased on the value of 1 SDR @ £1.071690 (13 September 2018 )

CMR – Carriage of Goods by Road Act
STC – Standard Trading Conditions
SDR – Special Drawing Right

Download Document here: BIFA 2017 Limits of Liability