Importing MotorCycles from India

Importing MotorCycles / Scooters from India

We have many people coming to us to looking to move motorbikes such as triumphs, scooters such as lambrettas and even tuk tuks from India to the UK, USA, and even Japan. We have put together some basic information you need to be aware of as exporting vehicles from India is not straight forward.

Image of a Lambretta Scooter

Image of a Tuk TuK

It is important to understand that it is not cheap to ship a vehicle from India, if you think you will be able to achieve it for 100USD then you need to stop and rethink it. Depending on the work that is required from us and our agents the total cost can run over 1000USD. The actual freight part is the simple part the documentation is much more complex.

The AJF as the freight forwarder does is not responsible for the NOVA registration or the SUPER MOT that is that is the importer’s responsibility. We are often asked by individuals about payment to the buyer in India. We can offer the following guidance:

We have shipped many vehicles over the years from India. Most of the have gone smoothly, some we have had issues with. Usually this is down to the UK buyer purchasing the vehicle before thinking how they are shipping it or dealing with shippers who do not or cannot export.

If you are planning to purchase a vehicle or have an existing one you own. Please contact us, with as much information as possible (including the Indian Town and the nearest delivery town) and we will give you a shipping rate.

We have independent consultants who we can recommend to do checks on suppliers and vehicle quality. We get no commission on this ensuring no conflict of interest.

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