BREXIT is currently now set for December 31st 2020. This date may change as there is currently a UK General Election to be held on Thursday 12th of December.
If we leave the EU without any form of a trade deal then the current situation of goods moving without any restrictions between the UK and the rest of the EU will come to an end.

IMPORTANT the information given below is based on a NO DEAL BREXIT

If a no deal Brexit happens then all goods moving between the UK and EU will require an export clearance and an import clearance. Importers and Exporters will require complete customs declarations at the place of entry and the place of departure. Any organisation involved the movement of goods will either have to create and train their own department to handle the relevant declarations or contract it our to a 3rd Party customs broker such as Andrew James Forwarding.

Benefits of using us for handling you customs clearances

  • Experienced
  • Can offer assistance in reviewing the best options on completing the declarations
  • Modern Computer Software we can accept documents in electronic format and have an ready to use API
  • Cost Effective

While we can offer help in explaining and undertaking the customs declarations, it is important an organisation understands its liabilities under a no-deal brexit. The UK government has set up up dedicated web pages for sectors which will see significant regulation changes. If your organisation falls into any of these areas then you are strongly recommended to have a look at the information provided to ensure you will be compliant.

Farming/Food/Drink/Animals(Excluding Fisheries)
  • General information on this area can be found here in the Farming Sector Guidance
  • For information for the Food and Drink Sector the Guidance can be found here
  • Search ‘Animal import export’ or ‘Plant import export’ on GOV.UK to get all the current information
  • Email the Defra Agri-Food Business Readiness Team with general questions at: businessreadinessagrifoodchain @
  • Equine only related questions should be sent to: EquineExportsCarlisle @
  • How to continue to maintain access to EU Markets  through these two links: REACH  and information on how to comply with REACH Chemical Regulations
  • General information organisations handling chemicals in the event of a full brexit can be found in guidance posted here
  • General questions about BREXIT and chemicals are handled by DEFRA in the UK and emails should be sent to REACH-IT @
  • Specific waste shipments and operational queries: askshipments @
  • Environment Agency Customer Contact Centre: 03708 506 506 | Emergency number: 0800 80 70 60
  • As with the other sectors it is DEFRA to whom general questions should be sent to at this address Waste-EUExit @
Endangered Species and trading with them

This covers both animals and plant products. This can include timber furniture which has been manufactured out of a material which is under CITIES control. It is important to establish if a permit would be required in this situation.


This is for areas which specifically applies to organisations which operate within the UK fishing sector

  • For general information and guidance follow this link
  • Guidance on how to export after a no deal Brexit c an be found here