Originally air freight was in demand for either very urgent or high-value goods or perishable goods where the high cost of the freight could be easily absord. However today with the rise of just in time supply chains, the desire by buyers to hold as little stock as possible  air freight now forms part of many distribution plans.

A major user of airfreight are high technology products from computers to, mobile phones. Fashion suppliers and buyers are also are big shippers by airfreight to ensure they keep up with current season trends. Commodities such as fresh fruit and vegetables and frozen fish due to their perishable nature are all frequently carried.

When considering which shipping method is best for you. The important points you should consider are listed below.




We frequently ship urgent spare parts around the workd for the energy sector, both oil, gas and renewable sectors. Everything from a 1 kilo valve to a complete 10 tonne power generator system which as needed for a chemical plant near Houston, Texas, USA.


For project work or cargoes of large volumes we can arrange chartering of entire aircraft, either as a one off or for a contracted period

The cheapest economy services often share with passenger services and may end up going to several different airports which adds to the transit time. Additionally at busy times cargo can be left off the plane if the passenger and baggage load is too high for the aircraft
If you require the fastest shipment times please ask for direct express service.

First time shippers:Airfreight shipments are much more expensive than sea freight shipments. Freight charges can be around 10 times that of seafreight