A general warning to first time importers or exporters from the EU. Currently there is a popular scam using google ad words to promote companies charging money for services which you can easily do yourself or would be done undertaken by agents you are already using. This can include websites which are copies of the genuine site and other websites which try to pass themselves off as the official site. We have now see thatĀ  Economic Operator Registration and Identification scheme (EORI) is being targeted.

Registration and getting an EORI number is free in most European countries and this includes the UK. The forms are relatively easy to fill in and any reputable UK-based freight forwarder including ourselves do not charge forĀ  helping a client complete the form if required.

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[grid_6 position=”alpha”]Further information on EORI can be found on out UK import/export FAQ pages.Click on the button to be taken to the direct page[/grid_6][grid_1 position=”other”][button size=”medium” url=”http://www.andrewjamesforwarding.com/help/frequently-ask-questions”]EORI FAQ[/button][/grid_1]