Shipping Methods from China and India

We handle a lot of shipments here where we are just doing the customs brokerage and final delivery for clients who have purchased goods in China and India and allowed the supplier to arrange the freight. They often get a suprise when they find the UK charges are much higher than what was orginally expected and initially despute the charges saying the must be wrong as they where told the freight was only $10. Unfortunately they have fallen into the India/China service trap of the appearance cheap freight due to the way freight forwards have to operate in these countries. As a result the additional freight costs have to be recovered at some point and this is when the China or India Service Fee comes into effect along with higher documentation charges and exchange rate charges.

When arranging the actual shipping from these two countries you are best to arrange the shipment with a local to agent to you whether it would beĀ  us or someone else you know. This way you can get all the charges up front. While the freight costs will appear to be higher, the overall shipment costs will be lower.