We handle both commercial vehicle shipments and private vehicle shipments. This can via container, ro/ro vessel, breakbulk vessel and low loader trucking.


Commercial Vehicle Shipments

We can offer a worldwide shipment of vehicles. Depending on the type of vehicle and quantity we can arrange shipment in containers or on flat racks for out of gauge vehicles. Additionally we have the vehicles shipped using a breakbulk option either as a part charters or as a full charter. Contact us to discuss this further and we will work out the best shipment option.


Private Vehicle Shipments

We currently only offer shipping of private vehicles, including cars, miltary vehicles, mini vans and camper vans from and to the following countries UK, USA, Canada, India, and Australia. We can offer an export only service to West African Countries as well. Please email us with your vehicle details and the country you wish to export it to.


We can arrange containers and flat racks delivered to where the vehicle is stored for self loading. Otherwise you can arrangeĀ  to drop the vehicle off at one of our loading warehouses and we will secure it for you.


Shippers of private vehicles should be aware most countries have specific taxes applicable to motor vehicles. India has 100% import duty on all vehicles. Additionally exporting a vehicle can be difficult, you will need an agent to prepare and get the paperwork released. We regularly get people wanting to import Tuk-Tuks from India. You need to go through an approved exported to acheive this. Often the cost can be more than the actual value of the vehicle. Please speak to us before hand we can recomend various agents to deal with.