Reefer Services

We are able handle a range of products which need to be temperatures controlled from -24 degrees to +20 degrees. Goods can ranged from  food products which need to be kept either at a constant chilled or ambient temperature such as fruit or full frozen such as certain fish products. Additionally we can certain hazardous products which must be kept at a certain temperature to ensure they remain stable.

For further help on packaging and shipping temperature controlled goods. See our FAQ’s which are located in our help section


All temperature controlled products need to be shipped in appropriate we work with packaging suppliers who can provide both polystyrene and the higher rated Polyurethane shipping boxes. Additionally for much larger shipments we can provide 20ft and 40ft reefer containers for exports for the UK, India, China, USA and Canada.


Fish Shipments

We have handle the movement of many containers of frozen fish products for the UK, India, China, US and Canada.

For the EU including countries such as UK / France / Germany there are now rules ensuring all fish imports comply with current regulations regarding fish management. This means all fish has to be shipped with an appropriate catch certificate.  We can manage the following for imports of fish.



Please contact us to discuss how we can assist you with your shipments.