Personal Effects

Relocating for a couple of months or permanently?


We can handle personal effect shipments from and to quite a few countries.


When looking at shipping your items you first need to decide what you want to ship and how much space you think it will take up. There is no point in using a container when you can use a much cheaper part shipment. There are some times when depending on the final destination it is better to use a full container for security. Work out the rough volume of your goods (width x height x length) then check out the faq on containers to see the sizes of common containers and the volume of goods you can fit in them. If you are shipping over 20cbm of goods then generally a container will be what you need to use. If you are shipping your own car as well then you will need your own container.


Please note that when shipping your goods as a part shipment they need to be in secure boxes and should be insured. Security can be a major issue in some countries at ports


When looking at shipping personal effects you should always check to see if it is economical to ship the goods instead of sourcing them locally. If you are taking a full container it may make sense to take a bed if you have room otherwise it may be better to use a part shipment.


If you are only looking to ship only a car please our car shipment page for detail information

Car Imports/Exports