Relocating for a couple of months or permanently?

We offer a limited range of personal effect shipments. We can provide 20ft and 40ft containers for those shippers which want to move an entire household and LCL services for those to who just are moving the essentials. We ship regularly to the USA/Canada, Australia/New Zealand and India. Though with India it is only full container shipments at the moment. Part shipments can be delivered directly into our warehouse where we can arrange the crating of the goods for shipment, or shippers can crate the goods themselves and we can arrange collection from all regions of the UK.

When looking at shipping your items you first need to decide what you want to ship and how much space you think it will take up. There is no point in using a container when you can use a much cheaper part shipment. There are some times when depending on the final destination it is better to use a full container for security. Work out the rough volume of your goods (width x height x length) then check out the faq on containers to see the sizes of common containers and the volume of goods you can fit in them. If you are shipping over 20cbm of goods then generally a container will be what you need to use. If you are shipping your own car as well then you will need your own container.

As mentioned above when you are considering shipping personal effects you should always check to see if it is economical to ship the goods instead of sourcing them locally. For example if you are shipping your sofa, bed or wardrobes you will need your own container. Howver it may well be easier to sell or dispose of these and then just ship essential items using an LCL service. You do no then have to worry about getting them into a container, any damage to them on-route and then finally trying to get them to fit in their new location. Not only may you save money doing this way, but you will save a lot of your personal time and additionally you can ensure goods such as beds an wardrobes are all ready in place when you move to your new location.

Please note that when shipping your goods as a part shipment they need to be in secure boxes and should be insured. Insurance can be arrange through your own broker or you can arrange insurance through our freight broker Peter Lole. Shippers should be aware that security can be a major issue at some countries ports, particularly African ones, where theft is common, it is important that everything is manifested and all documents supplied for customs clearance as soon as shipment arrives, to ensure the goods can be cleared and removed from the docks as quick as possible.

Please note we do not offer a suitcase or similar delivery service there are companies which specialise in this service