India Growth to Beat China by 2016

The newspaper headlines and finance sites have been full of stories about India’s economy going to beat China’s growth by 2016 or 2017 according to which export who you prefer to belive. In this case it is two world heavy weights the IMF otherwise know as the international monetary fund and the World Bank. So it would seem that after year’s of living in China’s shadow the India economy is finally going to start to leave up to the potential it has been showing for the past decade.

However unfortunately it is more due to China’s downturn in economic growth which is going to make it happen then what is going on in India. According to the predictions given by these two heavy weight bodies.

Instead, it is China’s slowing growth that’s making India look better. While India’s growth is only going remain around 6.3% over the next 2 years it is the fact the China’s economy is going to slow down so much that it gives India the ability at long last to over take is neighbour.

Finally a lot of India’s future growth is going to depend on Modi’s success in getting his business reforms passed through. If he succeeds in getting at this done, then India may finally may be able stand clear of its neighbour as a true economic power. It certainly has the potential to do so.
Though as a final footnote there is may European countries who would be having parties if the IMF or World bank predicted growth greater than 6% and after all growth is still growth.

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