Coronavirus Imapct on Logistics

Shippers need to be aware that the Coronavirus is having an impact on shipping out of China. Due to the Chinese government putting travel restrictions in place and extending the Chinese New Year holiday, both manufacturers and logistics operators will have increased delays in arranging new shipments and dealing with existing bookings. Several Chinese areas have had extended their Lunar New Year Holiday to the 9th February. The regions currently included are:

  • Anhui Province
  • Guangdong Province
  • Chongqing Municipality
  • Heilongjiang Province
  • Henan Province
  • Jiangsu Province
  • Guangdong Province
  • Yunnan Province
  • Fujian Province
  • Sichuan Province
  • Jilin Province
  • Shandong Province
  • Shanghai Municipality
  • Jiangxi Province
  • Zhejiang Province

Additionally Hubei province which includes Wuhan city has the holiday period extended until 13th Feb.

Currently Hong Kong is working normally but any communication required to a mainland office will be delayed.