Containers in a previous life – Frogs

While reefer containers are commonly found plying the oceans between continents moving all kinds of products these particular reefer containers are helping to saving several species of frog. In 2010 the Maersk shipping company donated six reefer containers to the Smithsonian Institution and their partners working in Panama City, Panama to help protect and breed various indigenous frogs which were facing extinction. The reefer container have been heavily adapted to create a controlled and protected area.  In this area individual environments where made specific to a particular frogs requirement where they could be observed and managed with the hope that the this would help to ensure their on going survival in the wild.

The images below show the outside of the converted reefer containers, and the inside with the individual controlled environments for the frogs laid out.

A reefer container being used to help save frogs

Above the exterior view of the reefer container

Inside the container

Inside the reefer container

Both photos are credit of the Smithsonian Institution