Changes for Applying for an EORI number

The UK Customs has changed the way to apply for EORI numbers in the UK. They are no longer accepting any more emailed C220 application forms and it all applications now have to be submitted through an online form @ This applies to both non-VAT and VAT registered applicants.
If you are already vat registered in the UK you can check if your VAT number is set up as an EORI by adding ‘000’ to the end of it and then entering it in the EORI checker at this address by clicking here: EU EORI Validation Checker (takes you off this site to the EU site). If it confirms valid then you do not need to do anything further.
If it says invalid then you need to apply to have your VAT number registered as an EORI by filling in the form at this address on the HM Customs site: EORI VAT Registered in the UK
If you are not VAT registered within the UK, depending on whether you are importing or exporting, you need to apply for an EORI number on the HM Customs site. For Imports you need to got to this form here: EORI Non VAT Registered – Import and for exports you need to go here: EORI Non VAT Registered – Export

We cannot no longer submit EORI applications on you behalf. If you have any queries regarding the application process you need to use the HM Customs help for here: EORI Contact Form.