Change of AJF Trading Terms and Conditions

We have changed from October 2019 to using 2017 BIFA Conditions. The new trading conditions reflect the changes which have incurred in the logistic industry since 2005. All quotations offered through this website and our company are under these 2017 terms. While most of the clauses have just had minor updates applied to them. Three clauses shippers need particular to pay attention to are:

  1. The extensions of Clause 17 which deals with SOLAS and the requirement to supply a verified gross mass(VGM) for all container shipments
  2. The jurisdiction of any claim which is covered in Clause 28 has been changed allowing a member to choose arbitration rather than litigation to deal with a dispute.
  3. There is a new clause to deal with issues when a client does not pay for the freight service.

Two other areas of change are more clearly defining the role of the a direct representative and the wording has been updated on Union Customs Codes reflecting the changed EU regulations .

Copies of the new BIFA Conditions are available to download from the help pages or directly here