Automatic EORI Registration for VAT registered companies


Current BREXIT Date: 31st January 2020

As part of the BREXIT preparation the UK governments have automatically given every company who is VAT registered an EORI number. If you have a stand alone VAT number then the EORI number will just be your VAT number with three zeros added at the end.

If you are part of a VAT group then you will need to check to see what your EORI number is. You may need to make a new application for your own EORI number.

Non VAT registered sole traders and organisations will still need to apply through the HM Customs website for an EORI number. You will need one if you are buying or selling from the EU once BREXIT happens.

EORI numbers are free from HM Customs. If you are asked to pay for them then you are not dealing with HM Customs and do not proceed
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