A win for Modia and a win for India business?

So with Narendra Modi and the BJP part winning a landslide in the election last week. Whilst in the eyes of the western world he carries baggage from the incidents in 2002, his considerable efforts to reform and  boost the economy in Gujarat which has had success over the past 10 years should not be overlooked. This has made him a very popular person in the region and the slick media campaign ran throught the election built on this and cemented his win. Hopefully after his swearing in ceremony on Monday 26th May, he can get to work on the rest of India. If he can replicate the reforms Gujarat has seen in other states, then it will help transform India into a power house for the 21st century.

As India wealth increases a growing and richer middle class will translate for an increase in consumer goods, which in turns will place increasing demands on the distribution networks within individual states and across India as a whole. It will become no longer acceptable to have lorries loaded and then waiting while they eventually make it to their unloading point. Customs will need to increase their efficiency so goods which are being imported and exported are not held for days awaiting clearance approval. It will be interesting to see how this changes over the next five years.

So will this be the boost that the Indian economy needs? Can he get corruption and bribery under control and get the India economy to its rightful place challenging China and other growing Asian economies. The next five years will tell.