Indian Fulfillment

Distribution and Order Fulfilment Services

We can offer distribution services for shipments within many regions of India. These services are suitable for both e-commerce and for standard B2B distribution.

Two Man Delivery Services

If you have large and bulky goods to be delivered direct to the end consumer and need to offer more than just a standard courier service to ensure good quality service and that your goods are delivered with the minimal risk of damage, then our two man service should full fill your requirements.

Reverse Logistics

Often an overlooked part of the supply chain is the return of goods from consumers and other buyers. Reverse Logistics is particularly important when dealing with e-commerce and supplying direct to consumers. When a consumer needs to return an item either because it is unwanted or broken or needs repairing have you the supplier got a process in place to handle this. We can offer a variety of services depending on requirements of the supplier.

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