Exporting from India

India today might still hold back to its cultural and traditional roots, but it certainly has marched forward in terms of business growth and development. Indian manufacturing segment has played an instrumental role in the development of the country and that has led to the rise of manufacturing exports in India. Today, India’s manufacturing exports have outpaced growth in total merchandise exports over the past five year. While India is still behind in the race compared to other Asian manufacturing giants, but there is no denying that Indian manufacturing segment is progressing and that itself is a great thing to start with.

Many top experts agree that India’s manufacturing export growth would not have been possible without better infrastructure and development and rationalization and simplification of the regulatory framework. On the other hand, there has been improvement in the logistic sector as well that also contributes equally to better manufacturing exports. With better logistics and shipping options manufacturers have been able to export their goods in a better way that has led to better results. While Indian manufacturing exports are targeted towards United States and Western Europe, there are new regions like UAE that have also added to the development of manufacturing export growth in the country.

Shipping From India

For Indian based companies looking to export their products to the rest of the world, our office in Delhi can offer a range of services. Position of containers, collection of goods, stuffing and customs brokerage. Our comprehensive agency network allow us to offer services from Ludhiana, Punjab in northern India to Cochin in the south. We can offer C&F shipping to most ports of the world and DDU to several countries.

We offer representation through our own offices in the UK or via our agency network in the following countries which can handle all your requirements and ensure your consignee gets a high quality service.

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